The southeastern corner of the Big Island is home to the district of Puna, an historical area that offers countless treasures. Bigger than the island of Oahu, Puna is a colorful and culturally distinct enclave of artists, writers, permaculture farmers and a thriving counter culture community. Here you can feel free to slow down, completely unwind and explore the extraordinary abundance: from rain forests and farms blossoming with papayas, mangoes, orchids and macadamia nuts to transcendental lava-lands and truly spectacular coastal views. The Big Island of Hawaii is a place of diversity and beauty. Rare, endangered plant and animal life, pristine micro-climates—from snow-covered peaks to lava deserts to lush tropical rainforest—the world's most massive mountain (Mauna Loa at 19,000 cubic miles) and tallest from its base (33,000 feet), plus the earth's most active volcano (Kilauea) are some of the awe-inspiring treasures of the island.